Growing up with different languages

It’s a great feeling to bathe in your mother tongue, to be able to describe any feeling you want, writing the most beautiful essays in school, dreaming of becoming an author. It’s dramatic when you grow up with several languages because you lose yourself in different vocabularies and semantics. It’s tearing your ego apart. When i discovered The Blue Book, i cried reading about the explanation of the meaning of a word, because it resonated so deeply inside me, the awareness that i had forever lost that ability to identify a word with an object, to accurately match language to the world. My mother tongue has escaped me, i’m lost in words and meanings and puns, the Verbildlichung i used to try to achieve by Art has surrendered to Instagram. The impact of social media on mental health is still largely underestimated. It’s going to be the new pandemic. It already is and nobody can do anything to stop it. The internet, my saviour and my enemy.