We will all be Boomers some day. And we all have the Peter Pan Syndrome. Ageism is the plague of the Millenium. In reality, age simple doesn’t matter. It’s a vue de l’esprit, a question of perspective. I don’t believe Nietzsche would have been a boomer, ever. A 15 year-old could be a boomer and a 85 year-old could be a child. It’s all in our heads. It’s like genders, if you like it or not. There’s a fundamental difference in the yearning for binary simplicity and the reality of the complexity of life and the human psyche. In our current western modern societies, the Elders are no longer symbols of wisdom and matriarchy or patriarchy. Even this might still be the truth for some people or some families. It takes time to grow to be able to see the beauty of age, it’s not given to anybody and it’s a shame and a huge problem. It has never been so poignant as today, in 2020.

The Old are dying and the young are breathing sighs of relief. They will be old one day too but they are too young to know it. All children hear the saying that youth is wasted on the young but it’s one of the axioms of human truths. It should be explained in school what it means to grow up, to grow old, to mature, to achieve wisdom.

Paradoxically, old men still run the world. (But they usually have wives. Or husbands).