The Bird of Time

A friend asked me to make him a drawing. About what, I asked. He wasn’t sure at first. Then he said, the universal theory of the universe. The Theory of Everything, I replied. Yes, something like that. Higgs boson, I asked ? String theory?

I’ve always been scared of the idea of eternity and endlessness. The eternity preceding us and the eternity following us once we’re gone. And the vast soundless blackness of space. The concept of the universe blows my mind. I have to switch channels when I think about it.

Because otherwise, my brain freezes.

I made a drawing. It’s the bird of time holding space. Holding everything together. The bird of time is black and cruel and carries marbles in its belly

Bird of time

Es wird mir ganz angst um die Welt, wenn ich an die Ewigkeit denke.

Georg Büchner, ‘Woyzeck’

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