In June I met a guy on Facebook. Or rather, he found me. We started chatting and he proposed to meet. The idea terrified me but I agreed. We met on a Friday, at 9:00 AM, in a café. He drove 1 hour 45 minutes to get here.

As soon as I saw him I was relieved because he wasn’t really my type. He was nice and we talked. Then I brought him home, to show him the sheep and the ducks.

The next day we continued our chat and I asked him what he had thought of me. He told me I was exciting. We talked some more and it really turned me on like some 16-year-old school girl. But that’s how I feel, like a schoolgirl. Why is that wrong?

Anyway, that’s one of the reasons I left Facebook. I wanted to kill the Ego Machine. I built my own instead.
I wrote him an email when I left Facebook and Instagram but he never answered.

I always fantasize about strange men I meet and obviously I fantasized about him too. Not really him, because I can’t recall his face too clearly, but the mental image I have. It has faded now.

Soon I will deactivate my personal Instagram again. It was nice to go back and have a chat but I don’t want to get sucked into it like I did before. I don’t need it. I’m still mainly living on the Internet, Twitter and DeviantArt, but my blog is my greatest obsession. I’m proud of it and I know it’s beautiful.

I have a new Instagram but it’s only a small online presence, just a reminder, an introduction to my DeviantArt and website. I still don’t really like it, there is too much trash and advertising.

On Twitter I played another game and asked people about their favourite -ism. When I had sent the answer I remarked I had left a space between the – and the ism. That drove me crazy for hours and I’m still mad about it. Such a small detail but I still obsess. Anyway, these are the answers I received: Januaryism, Realism, Traditional Sensationalism, Professionalism, Inorcism, Gismo (OK), Resident Evilism (nice one), Analogism, Tism, Solipsism, Agapism, Expressionism, Anti-Natalism, Socialism, Surrealism, Cannibalism and Prism.

The prism really appealed to me and now I have a new drawing in my head. That’s how it works, I get inspired by words and concepts, then I need to draw something. I’m curious how it will turn out. Thank you everyone for playing!

The world is filled with -isms and I am a huge one myself

I can resist anything except temptation

Oscar Wilde

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