Some of SV’s drawings inspired me to buy charcoal again, after 25 years. I’m in love with his art. I had forgotten how expensive charcoal was. I had also forgotten how much I had missed it. Its smell, touch, texture, smoothness, brittleness, blackness and all the shades of grey my fingers can make it achieve by caressing its pigments. I love the way it stains my skin.

I have only three small round sticks. I should have bought the large box of willow charcoal but it was expensive. I could have bought half of the store. I will check prices online.

Now that I’m finally drawing again, I can’t stop, I even sketch in hospital waiting rooms.

There are worse obsessions. At least this one doesn’t hurt anyone but myself.

Come touch me like I’m an ordinary man
Have a look in my eyes
Underneath my skin there is a violence
It’s got a gun in its hand

Bullets are the beauty of the blistering sky
Bullets are the beauty and I don’t know why

Personal responsibility
Personal responsibility