I feel Twelve Shades of Joy. This joy of living and feeling. Never-ending. Each side of the dodecahedron, a different shade.

On Twitter I asked what shade joy was. I received eight answers. One said rainbow, one said lamp, one first said yellow, then said blue, one said gray, one doesn’t even remember, another said it was the shade where tears turn to honey, that answer is my favourite.

Steve answered it is shades of many of the things that color our lives. It is a reflection of surviving a hardship, or moving past doubt. It has hints of comfort and love. It seems to me if you look directly at it though it fades to blend with everything else.

Yellow is the shade of hope echoing through the forest. My green is so liquid it colours my eyes. My moods are always coloured, numbers are coloured too.

Thank you for answering me. I read you & you read me. You are all real to me.

nervus opticus

You don’t see something until you have the right metaphor to let you perceive it

James Gleick

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