Patriarchic Tendencies

Women and girls undress in the name of body-positivity. They display themselves on social media because all bodies are beautiful. They are cheered on in the name of female empowerment. They pole-dance, strip and strut in the name of sexiness. It looks like a mating ritual to me, not dance. Dancing is beauty, not a signal of courtship. Empowerment should consist in strength of character and independent reasoning, not seduction and desirability. Women fight for the right to show their nipples on Instagram, but are offended if men send them photographs of their penises. Why shouldn’t a man define himself by his genitals, seek approbation in his quest for manliness?

On ne naît pas homme, on le devient.

A TikTok trend claiming to prove that social media is fake, encourages fit girls to take flattering poses, then relax their muscles to show their physical flaws. Tricking people into believing that everything is about the body is a big mistake. The real fake is a constant display of happiness and domestic harmony.

Faking to be wise, faking to understand the world. Faking innocence and understanding.

The patriarchy is winning and men don’t even have to try

We don’t need a patriarchal society, we don’t need a matriarchal society, we just need a human society

Abhijit Naskar

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